Voncel's Reflection

Darius Voncel Marshall has a talent unlike those who share the craft. One shoot with him and it will certainly leave you amazed and refreshed. Darius shoots are fun, fresh, and breath-taking. At the age of twenty-one, he has already set a bar for his photography. He is a published photographer in VOGUE ITALIA: PhotoVogue, his work is shown on numerous websites, and featured in lots of post on diff
erent blogs.

Darius knew he wanted to be photographer from the first day he stepped into a photography class in high school. He created an image so stunning that definitely determined his destiny. Today Darius is a full-time student at the Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur, where he is pursuing a Bachelors In Fine Arts and also continuing to follow his dreams.

Having a goal to be a high fashion editorial photographer, as well as fine art, beauty, and glamour, he certainly wants to be the next big photographer. His drive, determination, and faith with get him far.

Darius believes that you have to get rid of anything in your life today that is not in line with your dreams for tomorrow.

Photographer: Voncel’s Reflection

Photographer: Voncel’s Reflection